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Do you process credit cards or need to accept payments from customers?
Spotlight Funding made arrangements to offer you best in class solutions! We are partnered with the professionals at Total-Apps to provide cost-effective, custom solutions for any type of business.

Fill out a form about your business

Send over some preliminary information about your business over to the professionals over at Total-Apps so they can best analyze your business needs.

A representative from Total-Apps will reach out to you

After looking over your business information, the professionals at Total-Apps will reach out to you to discuss the best way to set up merchant processing for your business.

You'll be ready to start processing in no time!

Because Total-Apps is an industry leader, they are able to get you up and running with merchant processing in no time!

No Obligation means
No Obligation

Pause, Cancel or Upgrade your plan at any time

With Total-Apps no hassle payment processing solutions, you can easily pause, cancel or upgrade your plan at any time. From startups, to enterprise solutions - merchant processing at all levels.

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No Upfront Fees

When processing with Total-Apps, you will never experience upfront fees before processing.

Payment Processing and Merchant Account Services are the foundation for commerce for your business. Total-Apps offers a complete array of payment services, including credit card processing, ACH (eCheck), EMV, PCI compliance, POS system, tokenization, virtual terminal, and more.

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No Long Term Contracts

Total-Apps doesn't try and suck you into long & lengthy contracts

By assessing and taking your business at where they are at, Total-Apps helps develop a payment solution tailored towards your business needs.

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No Early Termination Fees

Is your company changing its payments needs?

Whether you are pivoting, changing your platform or closing up shop - Total-Apps can help you every step of the way and doesn't penalize you for structural changes!

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