Deb G.
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I recently visited the Spotlight offices in Irvine, all the way from Nebraska. They are a great group of people and I recommend their services. Happy Client.
Joy P.
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They were the only ones that trusted me even when my credit was bad.
Orlando R.
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Spotlight for us has been a blessing and a god send,not knowing how we could get our business credit going was a struggle. Yes I was skeptical when my business partner told me about them but we are both men who take risks and this is one I'm glad we took. I have no doubt Spotlight will take Allways Trucking to the next level. Thanks a million!
Patrick W.
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I was a little skeptical when I first approached Spotlight Funding for help w/ establishing my business' credit. It seemed to good to be true. But I went through the steps any way since I had nothing to lose. Wells Fargo turned my business down for a line of credit. So, now I'm a few months in the process and everything that Ray said came true as far as what to expect. I'm a believer now and I'm working on a few more credit lines. I'm excited to take my company to the next level. Thanks Ray and Spotlight Funding!
Robert P.
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Spotlight funding offers excellent service and knowledge when it comes to building credit and acquiring funding. They work with you step by step to ensure you are working with the most reliable sources to expedite building your credit portfolio. Their knowledge and experience utilizing the most adventageous avenues can seriously help anyone to build or rebuild their personal or business credit fast. With their help I was able to build my business credit trade lines while raising my personal credit score over 80 points. They worked with me through the process and I have added over 50K in new credit and funding for my business. I highly recommend their services for anyone that wants to build their business and personal credit the right way the first time and avoid costly mistakes. They will save you a lot of time and money instead of trying to do it all on your own and have tons of testimonials from clients like myself that have exceptional results very quickly.
Nick G.
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I honestly didn't think we'd ever have the hope of building business credit and moving closer to our goal of opening a brick and mortar store until we met Spotlight Business Funding! They are helping us rediscover the hope of our dream and goals through their truly superior knowledge, service, and experience by having offered us a way to build our business from the ground up! We didn't think this was possible but because of spotlight, our faith is restored! Thank you so much spotlight for your continued success!
Tim M.
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Superb company! Spotlight Funding is professional, detailed, and honest. There services are such a value for my business. I'm very fortunate to be introduced to Spotlight Funding.
Alex H.
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I had been trying for years to find a true and legit way to further the financial resources of my company. I was very fortunate to discover Spotlight Funding. Both Ray and John were very helpful in getting my business financing that was sorely needed for expansion. Thanks again!
Brian U.
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I recently signed up with spotlight funding and their business credit building program. Mandy in customer service was extremely helpful and explained the program in detail. I look forward to building my new business credit much faster with spotlight. Thank You.
Marta R.
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This is an excellent company! I have been with Spotlight since 2016 and they have helped every step of the way. I was referred to them by a business colleague of mine that used them and had the same experience. I would recommend their service to everyone.
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Ray was great, he explained everything so I was able to understand. He answered all my questions and didn't mind that I asked a lot of questions. I'm looking forward to working with him to get my business up and running with the credit and funding I need.
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Get to Know Spotlight Funding

Spotlight Funding is a Southern California based company about 2 blocks away from Google’s location in Irvine.  Spotlight Funding proudly serves United States Small Businesses.  Our company is designed to help businesses be competitive in today’s business world by accessing Business Credit, Working Capital and Funding that your competitors can access.

We specialize in building Corporate Credit.  Understanding that most small business owners have damaged their personal credit in the process of starting their business. Other business owners want to protect their good credit by separating their business finances from their personal finances.  This is definitely a smart move.

Spotlight Funding has created a fast & simple Solution.  We build credit that is separate from your personal credit.  Our solution does not require the use of your Good or Bad Credit!  That is the best part.

Business credit is essential to the growth and stability of every company. We will assist in the development of your corporate credit profile and match up your needs with lenders that are looking to give funding to businesses like yours.

We look forward to meeting all of your Corporate Credit expectations and helping your business grow. As experts and business professionals Spotlight Funding will facilitate this process for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.


19800 MacAuthur Blvd.
United States